Everyday Charlotte Podcast - Coming Soon

I've been throwing around the idea for a while now of starting a podcast to help supplement our Charlotte Mason lifestyle and homeschool.

I've been reading to my children for a decade now and even before that I often read out loud to help me with my comprehension skills, but I'm finding that not all audiobook readers are equal and some of the books we need for school have very poor audiobook files available.

To help alleviate this need I've decided to start recording a podcast as a general idea of old radio shows. Each episode will be no longer than 30 minutes long and consist of (a general rule, but there will be exceptions for smaller/shorter books or articles) a single chapter in a book. After the entire book has been recorded I will then release a full book in a podcast episode as an audiobook type so you can use these to supplement your school work.

In the future it will also help me build my Everyday Charlotte Lifestyle Curriculum by linking to a single chapter for each weekly reading, etc. It will also help you to use it in that way as well.

I am also excited because I feel like this might bring back a bit of that nostalgia for children that used to gather around their radios at night to listen to their favorite show as it played their weekly episode, an update of an enthralling story. I hope to bring that excitement into my household.

I don't have an exact date... but I will post more soon, hopefully with an idea of when I will start posting.

God Bless,

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