The Start of a Beautiful Living Book List

I thought I would start compiling a book list of books I will start reading in my Everyday Charlotte Podcast to give myself and you all an idea of what's to come and an order in which I will start.

I'm considering starting to read multiple books at a time so that I can have a rotation started and that way will give options for immediately helping with lessons in the meantime. Also, I will link to their public domain file so you can either find them there to read yourself, or read along, or whatever!

Some of these books I have physical copies and some I do not though I wish I did!

Here are a few that are on my immediate list:

This Country of Ours, H. E. Marshall 1876 
An Island Story, H. E. Marshall 1876 , >> Here
The Little Duke, or Richard the Fearless, by Charlotte M. Younge 1823
Sing-Song: a nursery rhyme book by Christina Rossetti
Parables from Nature Vol. 1, by Mrs. Gatty
Parables from Nature Vol. 2, by Mrs. Gatty
The Cloud of Witness: A Daily Sequence, by Mrs. Lyttleton Gell
The Aesop for Children, by Milo Winter, >> Here

I've also been asking for your best suggestions for Public Domain books that I could read aloud on the podcast and I received a few great suggestions, here are the ones I've received so far...

The Story of Rolf and the Vikings' Bow, by Allen French
Gabriel and the hour Book, by Evaleen Stein 
A Little Maid of Ticonderoga, by Alice Turner Curtis ( & others in the Little Maid Series)

The Minute Boys of Yorktown, by James Otis ( & others in the Minute Boys Series)

The Burgess Bird Book for Children, by Thornton Burgess,<<Here
The Burgess Animal Book for Children, by Thornton Burgess
The Burgess Seashore Book for Children, by Thornton Burgess - Still under copyright unfortunately!
Understood Betsy, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Eyes and No Eyes, by Arabella Buckley, Volume 1
Life and Her Children, by Arabella Buckley
Fairyland of Science, by Arabella Buckley
The Quest of the Atlantic, by Ingri D'Aulaire

I would love to include a whole range of public domain living books that are not widely known. There are thousands of wonderful living books waiting to be be loved again in our homes and I would love to be apart of making that possible.

If you have any book suggestions please send them our way!

God Bless,


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