Handbook of Nature Study, by Anna Comstock

When I started reading this book I was recommended by someone in the community to begin at the very beginning. I had no idea how much I would love her writing, but it became very clear within the first couple of paragraphs. Anna is much more adept at getting straight to the point than others from the same time period (who loved to use lots of words) and I can respect that and appreciate it as it's easier to understand what you've read when you're finished. Which is something I greatly need at this particular chapter.

I decided to publish these in short episodes instead of one fell swoop -- although when I am finished recording the entire "The Teaching of Nature-Study" preface I will then release it in a full file. But at the same time I feel like 6 minutes is easy for anyone to fit into their day and will perhaps encourage you to dig in to Nature-Study, the Why & How, and inspire you today.

I hope you enjoy! I look forward to reading this book as apart of my current weekly rotation and will post another piece next week.

The Teaching of Nature Study

What Nature-Study is
What Nature-Study should do for the Child
Nature-Study as a help to Health


What Nature-Study should do for the Teacher
When and Why the Teacher should say "I do not know"
Nature-Study The Elixir of Youth
Nature-Study as a Help in School Discipline


The Relation of Nature-Study to Science
The Child not interested in Nature-Study
When to Give the Lesson
The Length of the Lesson


The Nature-Study Lesson Always New
Nature-Study Object Lessons

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