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I am the Mom of 4 rambunctious, wild children. Hello, my name is Julie. This website was created as a project that came to me in a moment of inspiration while studying up on Charlotte Mason's Educational philosophies. As a mother I unfortunately deal with everyday stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation (& exhaustion), and suffer from what is known as #mombrain. I used to be able to finish a 500 page book in a single day and now getting through a chapter of a book seems like a huge accomplishment for me. I joked one evening that someone should create a Charlotte Mason for Dummies course or curriculum for those of us who don't have the brain power we once had. 

I know my brain is just dormant, but it's a struggle because I believe this calling, to find a way to help my children learn, is the highest one and it's a responsibility that feels heavy most days. 

What Everyday Charlotte means to me is that it's not just about education during "school" a few hours a day, but a lifestyle of education. Learning to choose living things, things that inspire and make us want to uncover truths. It doesn't end when a bell rings, it's all the time. It's everyday. Everyday I wake up I want to choose the life that my children will live and carefully curate the ideas they are presented with. That takes a retraining of the mind and me putting my foot down in some areas that I've let slip. First and foremost, my culture as a mother and my own self education


I never remember how old I am. I know I'm in my 30's, but I always think I'm older than I am and therefore am always pleasantly surprised when my husband tells me how old I actually am. 

I used to compose music & had a passionate resolution to bring my music to the world. I performed on stage in front of crowds large and small and although I had severe stage fright, it fulfilled me deeply. I had to put all that away when I had my first child, but the itch is still there. 

I was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Only at age 16 did my parents sell our property & move me to Missouri. 

I am a passionate person who fights for justice. I always probably say too much, but I'm always afraid I will say too little. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY, I hope you'll follow along & adventure with me...

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